Friday, January 1, 2016

4 Tips on Managing Painful Memories

 When you become triggered by a current event, a past recollection surfaces into your conscious from deep within your subconscious mind and makes you feel as though it is happening all over again. When it is an enjoyable memory the feelings are pleasurable. But when it is a hurtful, sad or painful recollection the hurt, sadness or pain is just as intense as when it occurred. This process of recollecting is termed "re-experiencing" or "reliving". Reliving traumatic memories strongly influences you present, tends to define your life and causes a festering of a buried painful wound as well as make you to feel fearful, anxious, stressed out, terrorized and worried.

   If traumatic memories replays seemly out of control, it may be due to an upsurge of fear. Intense fear may cause you to pay too much attention to them. Over attending to it could be a form of self-terrorism. The experienced intense fear will make you think and belief differently about yourself. The fear may cause you to feel like you are not good enough, unworthy and less than others. These intense feelings unchecked will destroy your confidence, esteem and self-value.

   In order to eliminate the influence and impact of surfacing recollections you need to shift your mindset. Your attitude toward your recollections is very important depending how you view them. If your attitude toward them is one of out of control then they will have control. If you shift to a positive attitude then you will empower yourself and their influence and impact will be less. It really is up to you.

4 Tips on Changing

First, you have to not allow recollections to rule your moment.

Second, don't let them influence your beliefs about yourself.

Three, determine how you view yourself.

Fourth, don;t allow your memories to define who you are.

What is Possible?

     You don't have to be a slave to your recollections. Popular opinion thinks that memory has the power not the person. Contrary to popular belief memories can be controlled, eliminated and/or restructured. There are methods you can learn to help you achieve that objective.

    One way is Rapid Reduction Technique 2.0©® or RRT 2.0©®. RRT 2.0©® can be taught to you and you can not only remove the emotional charge, but also the intensity and connected triggers.

After Thoughts

    It is time to divert your attention from the past. Live in the moment and create a positive vision of who you want to be now. Nurture yourself, accept yourself fully and create a new authentic identity. Learn that past recollections, good or bad are just recordings of what was and cannot hurt you. Learn a new skill and retake your life back.

              Yesterday is just a memory,
                               Today is a moment,
                                              Tomorrow is an enigma