Saturday, November 28, 2015

3 Tips on Changing Yourself

  "Don't be a slave to your past but rather the bishop of your 
                  Soul and the architect of your moment." 

Are you still holding grudges against someone or some situation from your past? 

Understand that holding on to old material, emotions or grudges that are really clogs up your personal energy, mental space and ability to move forward in this coming year.

The general stereotype that has been passed around from generation to generation, is change is impossible. You can't change yourself, the way you feel, the way you think, your life or even rewrite your history if you are holding onto too much old baggage. 

True or False?

It is true you become stuck and unable to move forward if your mind is to busy holding onto the past. But what is not true is that you can't change. Of course you can. It takes willingness, perseverance and readiness. 

In order to change you have to go through a complete reset of your mind. You should start with throwing all your past garbage out of your life. All physical, mental, emotional and spiritual negative energy you have been unknowing holding onto. Stop holding on to all the old stuff that does not serve you. Start from scratch; so, do a general cleaning of internal closet.

3 Tips on Changing Yourself 

If you continue to stockpile your old grudges, regrets, resentments and you do not clean out your internal mental closet it may lead to three things:

     1. The endless ruminating and over thinking about past                        situations will produce a constant parade of mental, 
         emotional and behavioral flashbacks. 

     2. You begin to over expect and overestimate leading 
          to endless disappointment.

     3. You have no space to let any new things in that are positive.

Take Away

So it makes sense to clean out your internal mental closet of old grudges, hurts, regrets and resentments that you have been storing for a long time and are running around in your mind. Once you clean out your the closet in your mind, your mind will reset itself. As a result you will realize an increase in energy, mental clarity, increased storage space and more focus.

Start cleaning your mind today!!!!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Announcement: Dr Bill has a New PC and Mobile Website

New Website for PCs

It has been over 5 years since I first opened my original Trauma Recovery website. Times have changed and so have my services and abilities. I am proud to announce that I have a created a new website to replace the old one. The new site has been remade to be easier to use and offered new context. 

Click on this link - to see the changes.


I am real excited because for the first time my site is now available on mobile phones, smartphones and tablets of all types. Mobile has been one thing that I did not have on the previous website. Please check it out on your mobile phone and enjoy the content that is available on my website. 

Type in on your mobile browser and slide through all the content possibilities when you are on the go.


You are still able to download my second book Personal Philosophy as my gift on both the PC and mobile site, purchase my first book Separated From the Light: Path Back from Psychological Trauma and other products, my watch my videos on the drop down menu under the Knowledge Center tab at the top of Home page, and read through testimonials from clients as well as connect to my blog William Tollefson Values.

I added a new page where you can investigate details on Rapid Reduction Technique©® and its possibilities for eliminating flashbacks on the drop down menu at the top under the Trauma tab at the top of the Home page.

My Mission

       “My #1 goal is to inspire people to make a change. 
 Whatever you want to do, let me inspire you to achieve it.”

I truly want to thank everyone for the support and following all these years. 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thought Addiction: Thinking Gone Wrong

Do you have trouble with episodes of looping thoughts that are negative and you cannot seem to stop them? You are not different. Millions of people battle with looping negative thoughts every day. If you do not do something about these episodes the onslaught can cause you to develop a thinking habit or what is known as a thought addiction.

There is a way to stop the looping and shift your thoughts from negative to positive. But first of all you have to understand what is happening.

Definition of Thought Addiction

The importance of the concept of having an addiction to a thought has been increasing. Simply, thought addiction is when a thought or set of thoughts get stuck in your head and the thoughts begin to loop. As the thoughts loop, the person becomes more and more focused on them due to the negativity of the content. The person is then less able to detach from them. The longer these types of thoughts loop the stronger their power increases. It is very common for the person to feel as though he or she has lost control. Once out of control, the thought ends up consuming his or her energy and depletes the ability to fight them off and perform successfully. At that point the thought takes over his or her mental life and becomes addicting. These thoughts no longer are controllable and the person tends to act out in different ways to turn it off. Some people use methods to shut them down such as medicating it, fighting it or use a substance to avoid it. Many people with this condition state “I can’t get this thought out of my head and it is driving me crazy,” “I feel helpless and out of control”. What is so important to take away from the concept of addiction to a thought is not a mental disorder or a lack of self-control problem. Thought addiction is a skill deficiency.

Generally these types of thoughts are generated from negative core beliefs that have formed from his or her experiences or formed due to negative statements told to them about them from someone else. This thoughts that originate from embedded core beliefs are triggered by a present situation, and then surface into the conscious mind seemly out of nowhere. The most common example of this type of core belief that generates looping thoughts is “I am not good enough”. Cognitive therapists have long known and proven that a thought precedes an emotion and a behavior. But what is also true is that negative thoughts are the result of triggered negative core beliefs. Understand that “every addiction begins and ends with a thought”. 

Here are a few forms of thoughts which can result in chronic looping are:

·         Body image thoughts

·         Depressive thoughts

·         Doubt

·         Fear

·         Worry

·         Obsessive thoughts

·         Thoughts of lack of self-confidence

·         Thoughts of lack of worth 

·         Superstitious thoughts

·         Suicidal ideation

·         Weight thoughts

Take Away

So the important take away is these types of insidious thoughts can be stopped and balance can be restored.  Understand that the way to stop a possible addiction to a thought or unceasing looping is through gaining a new skill and practicing that skill. You do have the power to command and reset your thoughts. All you need to do is acquire the proper skills and have a willingness to consistently practice the skills to effect positive change. Find out from Thought Addiction Assessment if you may have one.


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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Negative Thoughts Bother Me

"Why do negative thoughts enter my mind? Where do they come from?"

Well there are two routes that need to be considered. Negative thoughts are generally triggered unconsciously in course of your daily events by two different routes.  

Route #1 

The first route is when negative thoughts surface as the result of a current event stimulating a memory of a previous event that then releases a core belief formed at the same time from that event. For example: a core belief could be “I am not good enough”. 

Route #2 

The other route is when the current event stimulates the audio portion of the memory recorded and releases the audio file of the direct statement recorded in the brain, like “You will never be any good at anything”. 

Understand that both routes of delivery are mentally disempowering.  Either the beliefs or the statements seem to come of nowhere. You have no idea where they came from or why. Both may diminish in conscious awareness but will continue to influence you by running in the background of your mind. Both will also cause you to think negative and could turn into a thought addiction

There is some positiveness. The positive thing is it is possible to make a shift in both, and neutralize the influence either have on you. At that point they will no longer affects you. Transformation can occur quickly once you learn a skill that helps to shift or eliminate them such as the RRT 2.0 or the Blackboard Method.

Take Away

You do not have to accept that your negative thinking is just a way of life and there is nothing that can be done. When you learn more you find out that actually your thoughts originate from your embedded core belief system. So change your core beliefs (or change the Moon) to positive or motivating and you can then change your negative thoughts to positive ones.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

1 Tip on Breaking Down Old Mind Barriers

Many people are scared and distrustful toward others so they lash out verbally or physically at others. They do it either subtly by bullying, harassment, intimidation, and teasing or overtly by physical harm. 

Prejudice and meanest is prevalent throughout our society and in all age groups particularly children. Fear is very prevalent in our society.

What if you were the brunt of some of lashing out? What is the take away? Anger, bitterness, hurt and resentment and feelings of being wronged.

If you hold onto past wrong or hurtful feelings either against yourself or others then you are probably are stuck in your past. Even though subconscious and out of your awareness. One of the most damaging feelings you hold on to that will block your growth or success is resentments. For the most part you are not even aware of the baggage that you carry because the material is not part of your consciousness.


Are you holding onto wrongs done to you by another and can’t seem to let them go? Have other people taken advantage of you? Do you feel cheated, betrayed, humiliated or hurt you in some way by another or maybe even yourself? Then of course you are. 

It is a normal course for time to time as you grow up to be cheated, betrayed, humiliated, hurt or wronged and wanting some type of repayment, get even or revenge. Doing so is called a resentment. 

A resentment is one of the most personally damaging feelings or thoughts you can hold onto and carry. A resentment can actually stunt your maturity, and your ability to be happy, successful or move forward with your life. Resentments held can be a huge barrier to accomplish what you want out of life. 

Definition of resentment

A resentments is defined as ill will, ill feelings or thoughts that forms when you are wronged by self, someone or something that you hold onto feelings of hurt and store subconsciously as a result of life experiences that are real or imagined. These wrongs are formed as a reaction to a life event where you perceived to have wronged someone or self and/or think someone has wronged us in one way or another. The power of a resentment is the emotional charge that is held onto that the “wrong” evoked.

Held onto resentments can cause many intense, reactive emotions such as anger, depression, doubt, disappointment, fear, panic, rage and / or regret which remains alive over time in the subconscious without your personal awareness in the present. Resentments have a very strong influence and direct how you relate to yourself; how we think about others and most of all resentments manifest themselves in your behavior and emotions. These ill will, ill feelings, and/or ill thoughts affect the way you perform daily without your knowledge. Thoughts such as: “I do not deserve anything because of what I have done” or “I am nothing because what was done to me.” This type of thinking form negative believe about yourself over time and eventually become a subconscious barrier to your accepting good things, happiness and success. 

1 Fast Tip on How to Stop Old Resentments from being Barriers

First you must allow yourself to search your mind for all the ill will of wrongs done you thought were done to you in your life no matter how minor. It is then that you can identify how these wrongs have kept you from moving forward in your life.  And then focus of the value of holding onto the wrongs against the feeling to punish yourself for letting them happen. Write down the resentments that you want to release and burn the list and let the smoke rise into the air. While the smoke goes upward visualize your body becoming unburdened and free. The benefit will generate new empowerment in your core being. This resurgence of personal power will add character and confidence as well as quality and substance to your life. Success happens when you invest and nurture you. 


I am willing to bet that if you are reading this article, you already have a strong suspicion that you are carrying old resentments. If you said “yes” so much of was stated above is true for you, so you need to begin to free yourself for all your old resentment baggage. 
So take ownership of yourself by investing in who you are at this moment. You can't be affected by something that you are not holding onto.  Make the positive change.  

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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

9 Tips on Stopping Ruminating Thoughts

We all obsess on troubling thoughts from time to time. All of us get fixated on troubling unhealthy messages that flow through  our mind and overwhelm our thinking. These thoughts just don’t seem to go away. We are unable to defused them.  

This type of thinking is called ruminating. Ruminating thoughts can be very pervasive and troubling for many of us. We get caught up on ruminating thoughts due to our fast pace and demanding lives. Ruminating thoughts can result from anxiety, doubts, and fears as well as predicting thoughts of what might happen in the future, negative thoughts, stress and worry.

What is a Ruminating Thought?

Ruminating thinking is defined as the compulsive focusing of your attention on distress, and on its possible causes, outcomes and consequences, as opposed to its solutions. When you ruminate, you over-think or obsess about situations or life events, such as work or relationships. This type of thinking can result into a mental thought loop which over time can manifest into a thought addiction. More you attempt to fight them the more intense and embedded the thoughts become. This thinking process can cause you to feel helpless and increase your distress. Many thoughts that you ruminate on tend to be are false, distorted, misleading, unsupported predictions and/or unrealistic.

Research has shown that rumination is associated with a variety of negative consequences, including increase of anxiety, depressive thoughts, panic attacks, and increased symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder as well as addictions, emotional acting out episodes and eating disorders.

Once caught in ruminating it is very difficult to stop and you can go to great lengths to alter your thinking. Excessive ruminating can be very devastating and demoralizing to your ability to function appropriately and your life.

What can be done?

9 tips on how to stop ruminating thoughts

1. Be in the moment. You can accomplish this by grounding yourself. Sit with your feet flat on the floor and sitting with your back straight. Once you’re grounded, focus on your breathing or heart beat which will it will bring you into the moment.

2. Consciously connect with your thought stream. 

3. Recognize and write down all the thoughts that you are ruminating on and troubling you.

4. Connect with, assess and tune into the thoughts you have identified. Determine whether your thoughts are good (appropriate, factual, real, truthful) or bad (false, diluted, distorted, misleading and/or unrealistic).

5. Slow down your thought stream by deepening your breathing and heart rate. Pick out the one most troubling thoughts that is the most false, diluted, distorted, misleading and/or unrealistic which you want to cancel and remove. 

6. Stop your thought stream. Using your imagination, pull out that thought from its position in your conscious thought stream. Visualize that thought you have targeted and highlight it, so it is brighter that all of the other thoughts. Then clear (remove or cancel) by imagining you are erasing it. Once the erasing is completed you will have an empty space in your thought stream.

7. Insert a new, inspiring, motivating or positive thought into the space in your thought stream where the ruminating thought resided in your thought stream. 

8. Repeat the new thought 4 times out loud with strong feeling.

9. Lastly, give the new thought permission to grow and start up your thought stream once completed. 


Once you have completed clearing the first targeted thought, then move to the next thought you want to stop in your thought stream. At that point repeat all the steps again steps - 4 through 9.


The more you practice these tips the more skillful you will become and your confidence, confidence and personal power will increase. Master your mind and change your life. 

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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

6 Tips on How to Change a Negative Mindset

When you focus on  negative things that have happened to you in your past, you feel empty and negative. In doing so the negative thinking colors your mindset negative and can cause your mindset to become rigid. 

Meanwhile you lose time in the moment and the moment is all you really have. Not experiencing the moment causes you a lose of time you could be enjoying life.

Do you do this? You do not have to be influenced by negative things that have happened and how it has resulted in a negative mindset.

Want a new mindset? Start now by shift your mindset in the present. How?

5 Tips to Change your Mindset

Here are 5 tips that will help you to shift your mindset by divorcing yourself from the past situation therefore causing to view and feel everything negative. A negative mindset colors your attitude dark and keeps you ruminating about past situations.

Get start now in changing your mindset. Then follow the 5 tips below.

1.Think and identify what sentence or statement that has been influencing your mindset. Once you have discovered the sentence or statement, figure out the past situation in which you formed that sentence or statement from.

2. Determine if that sentence or statement has been a barrier to you achieving what you want (happiness or success) due how it has influenced your mindset and if you need to erase that sentence or statement from your mind. 
    How? Do it by closing your eyes and imagine  in your mind that there is a blackboard in front of you. You know like the ones we had in school. The board can be green or black. Most people will mentally see black.

3. Imagine that you are holding a bright white chalk in your writing hand. On the blackboard, write the sentence or statement on the blackboard. 

For example…”I cannot be what I want (happier, loved or successful) because of what happened to me in that situation and how it made me think negatively or bad about myself". 

4. Erase the sentence or statement out of your mind by grabbing the front of the “I” in the sentence or statement and push the whole sentence or statement off the blackboard to the right as far as you can until the sentence or statement is completely out of your inner visual sight and off your mental blackboard. By doing this you're erasing the sentence or statement off of your mental board completely.

5.  Once you're done erasing mentally, go back to the middle of the blackboard. Create and write a new positive sentence or statement on the board in the bright white chalk about you that you want. 

For example…“I can be what I want and live in my moment while rejecting any thought, feeling or situation that would pull me down or back into past negative memories".

6. Once you have completed that, place your full focus on the new sentence or statement and repeat it out loud to yourself with strong passionate feeling. Now read it again 3 more times in a row again with strong feeling.


Follow through on all 5 tips and see how easy it is to shift your mindset quickly. Regain your power. Believe you can create a new positive mental and emotional landscape in your mind therefore it will happen. Read your new statement out loud to yourself 4 times every day for 30 days and after 30 days it will be embedded in your mind.


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Sunday, July 26, 2015

10 Tips on Managing Devastating Negative Thoughts

Battling negative thoughts, attempting to forget they exist or shifting them to be positive is hard when it seems you like are powerless. 

Negative thoughts invade and consume your thinking from time to time. 

It is not only important to know how to hack into your mind and change negative thoughts, but rather how to consistency manage them over time. 

5 Quick Coping Tips 
In order to hack into your mind, you need to reinforce new thought patterns while interrupting your negative thoughts patterns:

1. Get out in nature. The sunshine and fresh air can help you to feel better and to change your perspective. Simply getting up and moving can help to boost your mood and produce positive thoughts.

2. If you are spiritual or religious, use prayer or talking to your higher power.

3. Use creative art, journaling, exercise, expressive writing, and dance.

4. Listen to music that inspires you.

5. Memorize quotes to defuse thoughts patterns.

6. Eat a healthy and mindfully.

Count backwards from 100 in increments of 4.
These manage ideas will enhance your refocusing skills and help you to master the thoughts that stream in your mind.

Longer Term Management

Create new thought patterns

Avoid trying to immediately fight off or ignore a negative thought. Rather form a new one positive thought and focus on that by repeating the new thought often.

Be mindful of your general physical and mental health 

When you are not feeling well physically mentally or spiritually, the amount of negative thinking you have could increase. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of yourself especially during difficult times.

Eat a well-balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, protein, and vitamins. 

Limit your drinking alcohol consumption. Don't over use non-prescribed prescription medication, or engaging in other forms of substance use.

Exercise consistently, at least 3 to 4 times a week. Exercise is a great way to increase positive emotions, increase physical strength and distract yourself from negative thinking. Consider involving yourself in alternative forms of working-out like: hiking, rock-climbing, dancing, aerobics, martial arts and yoga.

Educate Yourself, Increase Your Knowledge and Support Yourself 

Reading inspiring articles is a great start. Reading experiences of others with his/her experiences with negative thoughts and how they change them from bad to good can give you hope that change is possible. Search the Internet with phases such as "positivity," "positive phrases," “how to forget negative thoughts” etc. There are many positive people out there that wish to help others to evict negative thought patterns. There is support groups on the internet to help you increase your skill with changing negative thought patterns.

5 More Tips

1. Positive thought patterns are contagious. Stop surrounding yourself with negative thinking people. Rather surround yourself with people who make you happy and are optimistic.

2. Monitor your thoughts in the moment and analyze appropriateness of each thought. Be aware that your mind is often only tricking you to believe something negative, when that isn't true.

3. Start changing your negative thoughts one at a time. Don’t over expect that you can change all your negative thinking patterns all at once. Be realistic. It is much easier to change negativity to positivity incrementally. Attempting to change all really bad thoughts to a really good thoughts quickly is impossible. 

4. Don't push yourself to think positive. Don't try to be perfect. Even the smallest mistake can throw you into more negative thoughts.

5. Be your own support. Accept that negative thoughts are part of the contrast in life and keep in mind that if you don't know what you don't like; you will also not know what you do like. You can choose your thoughts but don't be discouraged if you fall back now and then. Try instead to muster a smile and find the humor in the fact that your mind can be very stubborn at times. Be nice to yourself.

Take Away

Don't do it alone

If negative thoughts are causing you to have extreme emotional swings, or to engage in risky and harmful behaviors. Coaching, therapy or other forms treatment may help.

Contact a counselor, psychologist or life coach. There are several treatment techniques specifically help people alter their negative thinking. No one technique helps everyone. Find on that helps you.   

If ruminating on negative thoughts overwhelms you, might explore medication options for a short time. Consult a psychiatrist for additional information or to discuss options.


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Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Tips on What Stops You from Getting What You Want

Do you experience wanting to change? Do you want to do new things? Yet you find yourself have fallen into a comfortable pattern and you are afraid to move out of it. If you think about it, this scenario probably happens a lot to you.

A pattern you don't want to move out of are called "comfort zone". Whether you realize it or not you stay in a comfort zone even though it could be a painful or unhappy place to be. Taking risks in life can be very scary and anxiety provoking.

Tips You Must do to Change

Having a desire to grow and succeed is normal but to achieve it you have to do two things: 

1. You have to risk 
     In order to get what you want, you have to take a risk. It can be        very frightening 

2. You have to be willing to becoming uncomfortable. 

You have to be willing to become uncomfortable and ready to move out of your old comfort zone and into a new unfamiliar zone. Sometimes just the thought of moving out of one's comfort zone can be a real scary experience. 

The fearful thoughts of venturing out of an old comfort zone can bring up many old beliefs you have accumulated about yourself over the years and have been carrying for all of them. Old beliefs such as:

"I am not good enough",

"I am not smart enough", 

"I don't deserve this" or  

"What I do always goes wrong".

These entrenched beliefs can surface from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind without your knowledge or permission. Old beliefs are very ingrained and powerful. They can totally govern what you say, what you do and and how you react. It is your beliefs that cause you not to move forward and feel trapped in old comfort zones that have not been working for you. 

3. Practice Mindfulness

Stop regretting your past. Stop worrying what might happen in the future. Be in the moment because that is where you can get what you want. You will be more aware of what is happening in the moment and act faster. 

Take Away

Do not let your old beliefs or fears hold you back from your dreams. Take that risk. Venture out and grab the success you deserve. You can do it. Believe in you in the moment not some old belief you formed many years ago. Don't let your past govern your present just because it is comfortable. 


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Tuesday, June 9, 2015

8 Tips on Becoming a More Positive Person

"All personal changes stem initially from your imagination. Imagination is capable of turning mind energy into realized success."  

How do I change my life in a positive way?

Simply use your imagination. Imagination is one of our most powerful tools available to you as a person.  Imagination is the one thing within us, as humans, that gives us the amazing ability to "create what is not there yet".  

Think about it.  Our imagination can truly assist you in creating something new? Everything that we been created in the world has stemmed from a seed in someone's imagination. Everyone has this ability. Our imagination contains the magnificent power to generate thoughts or concepts (those intentions we wish, or desire or expect) which can be manifested in the future. Every idea, dream and every goal can be achieved by accessing our creative mind, the imagination.  And, with a little effort, focus and practice, a constant flow of ideas will come to you with ease.  This is the brilliance of your  imagination in your brain.

In order to access your imagination you have to spend time with yourself.  

8 Tips on accessing your personal power through connecting 
    with your imagination 

1. Find a peaceful environment

2. Get quiet and be calm

3. Ask for internal guidance with or inspiration about a 
    specific desire  

4. Focus on the desire or idea

5. Say your desire out loud 

6. Remain quiet and calm

7. Wait patiently for a flow of thoughts that will come 
     into your mind

8. Be sure to listen and hear the answers

After Thoughts

Write down all the ideas and thoughts that arise whether you think they are important or not.  Do not discount or rationalize any thoughts that come to mind. Then, rest in the faith that your imagination will generate ideas, thoughts and solutions to accomplish your desire. Know that imagination possesses all the energy you need to continue generating more ideas, thoughts and solutions on the way to accomplishing success in your life. Believe, have faith and harvest the rewards of your effort. The more you practice the easier access to your imagination will come. Your imagination will open to you to abundance.

Following these tips will help you make a positive change and reach greater success.

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6 Tips on How Gratitude Can Improve Your Chances of Success

"Gratitude is the path for moving forward into positive change." 

Positive change in your life is yours when you believe that you deserve and you are worthy of it through realizing your gratitudes. When you know your gratitudes you soul fill with light. When you are grateful for what you have in the moment you will be present for you and you will become more authentic with yourself and your life. Strive to make a positive changes you desire.

One way of achieving this is to know what your core beliefs are and how they match or do not match with your external reactions to life experiences. 

Everything that you accomplish is for one reason only. You believe that you will feel more positive about having what you have. But, the truth is, you must feel positive about yourself to deserve and be worthy of what you desire before you can achieve what you want! 

So the secret is to believe in yourself first.

6 tips to forge a path to success

1. Recognize what you desire

2. Be specific

3. Create a plan

4. Set positive steps

5. Establish how you will measure your achievements

6. Put your steps into action in the moment 

Follow through on these tips consistently, and your life will change for the positive and you will achieve more satisfaction. 

When said another way, when you adjust your core beliefs and putting them into action consistently you will produce positive results in yourself and your life. If you simply look around with positive eyes in the moment you will recognize that you already have much of what you desire. 

After Thoughts

Remember, positive core beliefs are an internal vision of your future successes and what you will accomplish. Preformed core beliefs influence your more than you realize. When you tune into our core beliefs then we will spiral upward receiving more positive blessings. Being vigilant about your gratitudes will show you the energy you possess in your soul. You soul will be very appreciative.