Sunday, July 26, 2015

10 Tips on Managing Devastating Negative Thoughts

Battling negative thoughts, attempting to forget they exist or shifting them to be positive is hard when it seems you like are powerless. 

Negative thoughts invade and consume your thinking from time to time. 

It is not only important to know how to hack into your mind and change negative thoughts, but rather how to consistency manage them over time. 

5 Quick Coping Tips 
In order to hack into your mind, you need to reinforce new thought patterns while interrupting your negative thoughts patterns:

1. Get out in nature. The sunshine and fresh air can help you to feel better and to change your perspective. Simply getting up and moving can help to boost your mood and produce positive thoughts.

2. If you are spiritual or religious, use prayer or talking to your higher power.

3. Use creative art, journaling, exercise, expressive writing, and dance.

4. Listen to music that inspires you.

5. Memorize quotes to defuse thoughts patterns.

6. Eat a healthy and mindfully.

Count backwards from 100 in increments of 4.
These manage ideas will enhance your refocusing skills and help you to master the thoughts that stream in your mind.

Longer Term Management

Create new thought patterns

Avoid trying to immediately fight off or ignore a negative thought. Rather form a new one positive thought and focus on that by repeating the new thought often.

Be mindful of your general physical and mental health 

When you are not feeling well physically mentally or spiritually, the amount of negative thinking you have could increase. Therefore, it is crucial to take care of yourself especially during difficult times.

Eat a well-balanced diet filled with fruits, vegetables, protein, and vitamins. 

Limit your drinking alcohol consumption. Don't over use non-prescribed prescription medication, or engaging in other forms of substance use.

Exercise consistently, at least 3 to 4 times a week. Exercise is a great way to increase positive emotions, increase physical strength and distract yourself from negative thinking. Consider involving yourself in alternative forms of working-out like: hiking, rock-climbing, dancing, aerobics, martial arts and yoga.

Educate Yourself, Increase Your Knowledge and Support Yourself 

Reading inspiring articles is a great start. Reading experiences of others with his/her experiences with negative thoughts and how they change them from bad to good can give you hope that change is possible. Search the Internet with phases such as "positivity," "positive phrases," “how to forget negative thoughts” etc. There are many positive people out there that wish to help others to evict negative thought patterns. There is support groups on the internet to help you increase your skill with changing negative thought patterns.

5 More Tips

1. Positive thought patterns are contagious. Stop surrounding yourself with negative thinking people. Rather surround yourself with people who make you happy and are optimistic.

2. Monitor your thoughts in the moment and analyze appropriateness of each thought. Be aware that your mind is often only tricking you to believe something negative, when that isn't true.

3. Start changing your negative thoughts one at a time. Don’t over expect that you can change all your negative thinking patterns all at once. Be realistic. It is much easier to change negativity to positivity incrementally. Attempting to change all really bad thoughts to a really good thoughts quickly is impossible. 

4. Don't push yourself to think positive. Don't try to be perfect. Even the smallest mistake can throw you into more negative thoughts.

5. Be your own support. Accept that negative thoughts are part of the contrast in life and keep in mind that if you don't know what you don't like; you will also not know what you do like. You can choose your thoughts but don't be discouraged if you fall back now and then. Try instead to muster a smile and find the humor in the fact that your mind can be very stubborn at times. Be nice to yourself.

Take Away

Don't do it alone

If negative thoughts are causing you to have extreme emotional swings, or to engage in risky and harmful behaviors. Coaching, therapy or other forms treatment may help.

Contact a counselor, psychologist or life coach. There are several treatment techniques specifically help people alter their negative thinking. No one technique helps everyone. Find on that helps you.   

If ruminating on negative thoughts overwhelms you, might explore medication options for a short time. Consult a psychiatrist for additional information or to discuss options.


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