Monday, July 6, 2015

3 Tips on What Stops You from Getting What You Want

Do you experience wanting to change? Do you want to do new things? Yet you find yourself have fallen into a comfortable pattern and you are afraid to move out of it. If you think about it, this scenario probably happens a lot to you.

A pattern you don't want to move out of are called "comfort zone". Whether you realize it or not you stay in a comfort zone even though it could be a painful or unhappy place to be. Taking risks in life can be very scary and anxiety provoking.

Tips You Must do to Change

Having a desire to grow and succeed is normal but to achieve it you have to do two things: 

1. You have to risk 
     In order to get what you want, you have to take a risk. It can be        very frightening 

2. You have to be willing to becoming uncomfortable. 

You have to be willing to become uncomfortable and ready to move out of your old comfort zone and into a new unfamiliar zone. Sometimes just the thought of moving out of one's comfort zone can be a real scary experience. 

The fearful thoughts of venturing out of an old comfort zone can bring up many old beliefs you have accumulated about yourself over the years and have been carrying for all of them. Old beliefs such as:

"I am not good enough",

"I am not smart enough", 

"I don't deserve this" or  

"What I do always goes wrong".

These entrenched beliefs can surface from your subconscious mind into your conscious mind without your knowledge or permission. Old beliefs are very ingrained and powerful. They can totally govern what you say, what you do and and how you react. It is your beliefs that cause you not to move forward and feel trapped in old comfort zones that have not been working for you. 

3. Practice Mindfulness

Stop regretting your past. Stop worrying what might happen in the future. Be in the moment because that is where you can get what you want. You will be more aware of what is happening in the moment and act faster. 

Take Away

Do not let your old beliefs or fears hold you back from your dreams. Take that risk. Venture out and grab the success you deserve. You can do it. Believe in you in the moment not some old belief you formed many years ago. Don't let your past govern your present just because it is comfortable. 


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