Friday, March 25, 2016

6 Tips on Editing Mind Code to be Positive

Do you read into everything too much, react too much, feel too much, and sense too much and you know it is all do to your thinking?

Sometimes it seems like your mind is working against yourself. That your mind is always negative and you have no control over it? Did you ever wish you could just edit your mind like you edit your documents on your computer? Change how your mind works and your mind produce thoughts you like? Have you ever pondered why you say some of the things you say unintentionally, think the strange thoughts, act in a way that are inappropriate with who you are, respond incorrectly to the situations, or why you are just uncomfortable in your own skin? Do you wish that you could just edit your mind and make it produce thoughts you like?

Do you ever question whether your mind is not allowing you to be who you want to be? Is it messing up your careers, relationships, or how much fulfillment you have as well as your future successes? If your answer is yes or sometimes, there is a strong possibility your inability to be who you want and how you function in life is caused by your mind script or mind code.

You really think that your thoughts are the core of your identity. But while your thoughts are undeniably generated that is not where you as a person originates. The truth is ... it is not your thoughts which drive your identity and life it is your mind code.

Roots of Me

Tracing the roots of your thoughts to their deepest layers of your mind can be extremely beneficial and can help you be more compassionate toward yourself and why you think the way you do.  The origination of your thoughts or what drives you as a human could help you to deal with anxieties, phobias, neuroses and general questions of why your life is the way it is.

Yet focusing too much and getting caught in examination the why your thoughts are so negative, and your need to control them (especially the disturbing ones), can throw you off in your search of where they come from and cause confusion and feel a sense of loss. In fact, the more you overly focus on your thoughts for the “answer”, the more you do not find the answer and distance yourself from you. Over focusing on them does not you’re your thoughts more legitimacy, influence and solidity. Believe it or not, your thoughts do not over rule your emotions and actions.

What drives your emotions and actions?

Do you feel like everything that you say and do is predetermined? You are normal if you think that way. Your thoughts are not the driver of your identity but only the passenger. Your thoughts are just a part of the big picture ...  they are more like the tip of the iceberg. Thoughts are only the by-product of the script that is written deep within your mind as you grow up and form an identity. The truth is your conscious mind can only believe, do, feel, react, or think as a result of what is written in your mind script. Nothing more and nothing less.  Meaning you or your identity is only a manifestation of your mind script.

What is mind code?

Mind code, also termed mind script, starts being written at the time your brain activates before you are born. Once activated, your brain records all your history. This recording ability is called memory. Memory or the recording of your history is one small aspect of your total brain function. Unknown to you, in another compartment of your brain, mind code is being written from accumulated data.

Mind code? What is that? Even though you think your thoughts are created by you and you are in control of them, you really are not. Sometimes your thoughts seem to be completely out of control, and you feel like you are just tagging along for the ride. You mind script is data collected by your mind throughout all your experiences in your life and imprinting them on your subconscious mind. This data is used to form your core beliefs, messages you form about yourself from your experiences. It is your core beliefs that supply content for you inner voice, which can either critical or supportive. Then it is the flavor and perception of your inner voice that produces you thoughts. It is essence of your thoughts then governs whether your emotions and actions are motivating or self-limiting and self-defeating. Your thoughts are displayed through your facial expressions, emotions and behaviors. No one outwardly sees this process until your script or content of your thoughts are revealed or displayed in your facial expressions, emotions and behaviors which others see.  

Mind code is the result of ongoing imprinting and embedding of life data which is gathered in every situation in you experience. This data or code is a systematic collection of all your beliefs formed about yourself, others and the world. Mind script also records all your biases, doubts, expectations, fears, instructions, likes, dislikes, self-messages, procedures, promises, regulations and rules. The embedded data develops into a script, a written code that constantly runs silently in the background, deep within your subconscious mind and governs who and how you will be. Simply it governs your identity. This script or step by step operating code manages, determines and influences who you are, what you say, how you react … meaning it is the script which controls and determines your identity.

How does mind code express itself in your life?

Your mind code expresses itself eventually through your beliefs, and it is your beliefs which influence your thoughts directly. Then indirectly your behaviors, facial expressions, emotions and reactions are formed from your thoughts. 

6 Tips on How to Edit Your Thinking

1. List all the beliefs you know you have about yourself. 

2. Assess which of your beliefs about yourself are beneficial and which are not beneficial.

3. Make a mark next to the core beliefs you want to change. 

4. Edit the content by writing a new core beliefs.

5. Say each one out loud with emotion. Emotion is what avoids           your perceptual filters and embeds the new core beliefs in your       subconscious mind.                                                                                                                                                                        

6. Repeat your new list 2 times a day for 67 days. First time when       you first wake up and 2nd time just before you close your eyes 
    to go to sleep.

In changing your core beliefs, your brain automatically edit your old core beliefs and you will operate on a whole new script. Once the script is edited, your thinking will change along with your facial expressions, behavior and emotions. Finally down the road your identity will change and you will appear to be different.


It is your mind code which is the root and true predictor of your identity. So who you are outwardly, how you feel, what you say, types of thoughts, and react to, is always a manifestation of your mind code in the end.
So when dark thoughts arise, recognize them, grab them by the tail, and follow the thoughts back from your inner voice to the core beliefs where they originated and edit them. Therefore changing you. 

Don't let your code be the master of who you are. Be the architect of your own script, and you will be the master of your identity. Your identity is not rigid or unchangeable. In fact it is flexible. Take back your ability to change.


If you need more help in rewriting your core beliefs in order to remove negative, self-limiting and self-sabotaging thinking, be brave and reach out. Don’t let your mind script destroy your ability to get what you want out of life. 

Also take the mini mind changing challenge to see if you are a candidate for the 30 Day Challenge which will assist you in rewriting your mind script in just ONE MONTH.

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Friday, January 1, 2016

4 Tips on Managing Painful Memories

 When you become triggered by a current event, a past recollection surfaces into your conscious from deep within your subconscious mind and makes you feel as though it is happening all over again. When it is an enjoyable memory the feelings are pleasurable. But when it is a hurtful, sad or painful recollection the hurt, sadness or pain is just as intense as when it occurred. This process of recollecting is termed "re-experiencing" or "reliving". Reliving traumatic memories strongly influences you present, tends to define your life and causes a festering of a buried painful wound as well as make you to feel fearful, anxious, stressed out, terrorized and worried.

   If traumatic memories replays seemly out of control, it may be due to an upsurge of fear. Intense fear may cause you to pay too much attention to them. Over attending to it could be a form of self-terrorism. The experienced intense fear will make you think and belief differently about yourself. The fear may cause you to feel like you are not good enough, unworthy and less than others. These intense feelings unchecked will destroy your confidence, esteem and self-value.

   In order to eliminate the influence and impact of surfacing recollections you need to shift your mindset. Your attitude toward your recollections is very important depending how you view them. If your attitude toward them is one of out of control then they will have control. If you shift to a positive attitude then you will empower yourself and their influence and impact will be less. It really is up to you.

4 Tips on Changing

First, you have to not allow recollections to rule your moment.

Second, don't let them influence your beliefs about yourself.

Three, determine how you view yourself.

Fourth, don;t allow your memories to define who you are.

What is Possible?

     You don't have to be a slave to your recollections. Popular opinion thinks that memory has the power not the person. Contrary to popular belief memories can be controlled, eliminated and/or restructured. There are methods you can learn to help you achieve that objective.

    One way is Rapid Reduction Technique 2.0©® or RRT 2.0©®. RRT 2.0©® can be taught to you and you can not only remove the emotional charge, but also the intensity and connected triggers.

After Thoughts

    It is time to divert your attention from the past. Live in the moment and create a positive vision of who you want to be now. Nurture yourself, accept yourself fully and create a new authentic identity. Learn that past recollections, good or bad are just recordings of what was and cannot hurt you. Learn a new skill and retake your life back.

              Yesterday is just a memory,
                               Today is a moment,
                                              Tomorrow is an enigma 


Saturday, November 28, 2015

3 Tips on Changing Yourself

  "Don't be a slave to your past but rather the bishop of your 
                  Soul and the architect of your moment." 

Are you still holding grudges against someone or some situation from your past? 

Understand that holding on to old material, emotions or grudges that are really clogs up your personal energy, mental space and ability to move forward in this coming year.

The general stereotype that has been passed around from generation to generation, is change is impossible. You can't change yourself, the way you feel, the way you think, your life or even rewrite your history if you are holding onto too much old baggage. 

True or False?

It is true you become stuck and unable to move forward if your mind is to busy holding onto the past. But what is not true is that you can't change. Of course you can. It takes willingness, perseverance and readiness. 

In order to change you have to go through a complete reset of your mind. You should start with throwing all your past garbage out of your life. All physical, mental, emotional and spiritual negative energy you have been unknowing holding onto. Stop holding on to all the old stuff that does not serve you. Start from scratch; so, do a general cleaning of internal closet.

3 Tips on Changing Yourself 

If you continue to stockpile your old grudges, regrets, resentments and you do not clean out your internal mental closet it may lead to three things:

     1. The endless ruminating and over thinking about past                        situations will produce a constant parade of mental, 
         emotional and behavioral flashbacks. 

     2. You begin to over expect and overestimate leading 
          to endless disappointment.

     3. You have no space to let any new things in that are positive.

Take Away

So it makes sense to clean out your internal mental closet of old grudges, hurts, regrets and resentments that you have been storing for a long time and are running around in your mind. Once you clean out your the closet in your mind, your mind will reset itself. As a result you will realize an increase in energy, mental clarity, increased storage space and more focus.

Start cleaning your mind today!!!!

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Monday, November 23, 2015

Announcement: Dr Bill has a New PC and Mobile Website

New Website for PCs

It has been over 5 years since I first opened my original Trauma Recovery website. Times have changed and so have my services and abilities. I am proud to announce that I have a created a new website to replace the old one. The new site has been remade to be easier to use and offered new context. 

Click on this link - to see the changes.


I am real excited because for the first time my site is now available on mobile phones, smartphones and tablets of all types. Mobile has been one thing that I did not have on the previous website. Please check it out on your mobile phone and enjoy the content that is available on my website. 

Type in on your mobile browser and slide through all the content possibilities when you are on the go.


You are still able to download my second book Personal Philosophy as my gift on both the PC and mobile site, purchase my first book Separated From the Light: Path Back from Psychological Trauma and other products, my watch my videos on the drop down menu under the Knowledge Center tab at the top of Home page, and read through testimonials from clients as well as connect to my blog William Tollefson Values.

I added a new page where you can investigate details on Rapid Reduction Technique©® and its possibilities for eliminating flashbacks on the drop down menu at the top under the Trauma tab at the top of the Home page.

My Mission

       “My #1 goal is to inspire people to make a change. 
 Whatever you want to do, let me inspire you to achieve it.”

I truly want to thank everyone for the support and following all these years. 


Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thought Addiction: Thinking Gone Wrong

Do you have trouble with episodes of looping thoughts that are negative and you cannot seem to stop them? You are not different. Millions of people battle with looping negative thoughts every day. If you do not do something about these episodes the onslaught can cause you to develop a thinking habit or what is known as a thought addiction.

There is a way to stop the looping and shift your thoughts from negative to positive. But first of all you have to understand what is happening.

Definition of Thought Addiction

The importance of the concept of having an addiction to a thought has been increasing. Simply, thought addiction is when a thought or set of thoughts get stuck in your head and the thoughts begin to loop. As the thoughts loop, the person becomes more and more focused on them due to the negativity of the content. The person is then less able to detach from them. The longer these types of thoughts loop the stronger their power increases. It is very common for the person to feel as though he or she has lost control. Once out of control, the thought ends up consuming his or her energy and depletes the ability to fight them off and perform successfully. At that point the thought takes over his or her mental life and becomes addicting. These thoughts no longer are controllable and the person tends to act out in different ways to turn it off. Some people use methods to shut them down such as medicating it, fighting it or use a substance to avoid it. Many people with this condition state “I can’t get this thought out of my head and it is driving me crazy,” “I feel helpless and out of control”. What is so important to take away from the concept of addiction to a thought is not a mental disorder or a lack of self-control problem. Thought addiction is a skill deficiency.

Generally these types of thoughts are generated from negative core beliefs that have formed from his or her experiences or formed due to negative statements told to them about them from someone else. This thoughts that originate from embedded core beliefs are triggered by a present situation, and then surface into the conscious mind seemly out of nowhere. The most common example of this type of core belief that generates looping thoughts is “I am not good enough”. Cognitive therapists have long known and proven that a thought precedes an emotion and a behavior. But what is also true is that negative thoughts are the result of triggered negative core beliefs. Understand that “every addiction begins and ends with a thought”. 

Here are a few forms of thoughts which can result in chronic looping are:

·         Body image thoughts

·         Depressive thoughts

·         Doubt

·         Fear

·         Worry

·         Obsessive thoughts

·         Thoughts of lack of self-confidence

·         Thoughts of lack of worth 

·         Superstitious thoughts

·         Suicidal ideation

·         Weight thoughts

Take Away

So the important take away is these types of insidious thoughts can be stopped and balance can be restored.  Understand that the way to stop a possible addiction to a thought or unceasing looping is through gaining a new skill and practicing that skill. You do have the power to command and reset your thoughts. All you need to do is acquire the proper skills and have a willingness to consistently practice the skills to effect positive change. Find out from Thought Addiction Assessment if you may have one.


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Saturday, November 14, 2015

Negative Thoughts Bother Me

"Why do negative thoughts enter my mind? Where do they come from?"

Well there are two routes that need to be considered. Negative thoughts are generally triggered unconsciously in course of your daily events by two different routes.  

Route #1 

The first route is when negative thoughts surface as the result of a current event stimulating a memory of a previous event that then releases a core belief formed at the same time from that event. For example: a core belief could be “I am not good enough”. 

Route #2 

The other route is when the current event stimulates the audio portion of the memory recorded and releases the audio file of the direct statement recorded in the brain, like “You will never be any good at anything”. 

Understand that both routes of delivery are mentally disempowering.  Either the beliefs or the statements seem to come of nowhere. You have no idea where they came from or why. Both may diminish in conscious awareness but will continue to influence you by running in the background of your mind. Both will also cause you to think negative and could turn into a thought addiction

There is some positiveness. The positive thing is it is possible to make a shift in both, and neutralize the influence either have on you. At that point they will no longer affects you. Transformation can occur quickly once you learn a skill that helps to shift or eliminate them such as the RRT 2.0 or the Blackboard Method.

Take Away

You do not have to accept that your negative thinking is just a way of life and there is nothing that can be done. When you learn more you find out that actually your thoughts originate from your embedded core belief system. So change your core beliefs (or change the Moon) to positive or motivating and you can then change your negative thoughts to positive ones.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

1 Tip on Breaking Down Old Mind Barriers

Many people are scared and distrustful toward others so they lash out verbally or physically at others. They do it either subtly by bullying, harassment, intimidation, and teasing or overtly by physical harm. 

Prejudice and meanest is prevalent throughout our society and in all age groups particularly children. Fear is very prevalent in our society.

What if you were the brunt of some of lashing out? What is the take away? Anger, bitterness, hurt and resentment and feelings of being wronged.

If you hold onto past wrong or hurtful feelings either against yourself or others then you are probably are stuck in your past. Even though subconscious and out of your awareness. One of the most damaging feelings you hold on to that will block your growth or success is resentments. For the most part you are not even aware of the baggage that you carry because the material is not part of your consciousness.


Are you holding onto wrongs done to you by another and can’t seem to let them go? Have other people taken advantage of you? Do you feel cheated, betrayed, humiliated or hurt you in some way by another or maybe even yourself? Then of course you are. 

It is a normal course for time to time as you grow up to be cheated, betrayed, humiliated, hurt or wronged and wanting some type of repayment, get even or revenge. Doing so is called a resentment. 

A resentment is one of the most personally damaging feelings or thoughts you can hold onto and carry. A resentment can actually stunt your maturity, and your ability to be happy, successful or move forward with your life. Resentments held can be a huge barrier to accomplish what you want out of life. 

Definition of resentment

A resentments is defined as ill will, ill feelings or thoughts that forms when you are wronged by self, someone or something that you hold onto feelings of hurt and store subconsciously as a result of life experiences that are real or imagined. These wrongs are formed as a reaction to a life event where you perceived to have wronged someone or self and/or think someone has wronged us in one way or another. The power of a resentment is the emotional charge that is held onto that the “wrong” evoked.

Held onto resentments can cause many intense, reactive emotions such as anger, depression, doubt, disappointment, fear, panic, rage and / or regret which remains alive over time in the subconscious without your personal awareness in the present. Resentments have a very strong influence and direct how you relate to yourself; how we think about others and most of all resentments manifest themselves in your behavior and emotions. These ill will, ill feelings, and/or ill thoughts affect the way you perform daily without your knowledge. Thoughts such as: “I do not deserve anything because of what I have done” or “I am nothing because what was done to me.” This type of thinking form negative believe about yourself over time and eventually become a subconscious barrier to your accepting good things, happiness and success. 

1 Fast Tip on How to Stop Old Resentments from being Barriers

First you must allow yourself to search your mind for all the ill will of wrongs done you thought were done to you in your life no matter how minor. It is then that you can identify how these wrongs have kept you from moving forward in your life.  And then focus of the value of holding onto the wrongs against the feeling to punish yourself for letting them happen. Write down the resentments that you want to release and burn the list and let the smoke rise into the air. While the smoke goes upward visualize your body becoming unburdened and free. The benefit will generate new empowerment in your core being. This resurgence of personal power will add character and confidence as well as quality and substance to your life. Success happens when you invest and nurture you. 


I am willing to bet that if you are reading this article, you already have a strong suspicion that you are carrying old resentments. If you said “yes” so much of was stated above is true for you, so you need to begin to free yourself for all your old resentment baggage. 
So take ownership of yourself by investing in who you are at this moment. You can't be affected by something that you are not holding onto.  Make the positive change.  

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