Thursday, November 19, 2015

Thought Addiction: Thinking Gone Wrong

Do you have trouble with episodes of looping thoughts that are negative and you cannot seem to stop them? You are not different. Millions of people battle with looping negative thoughts every day. If you do not do something about these episodes the onslaught can cause you to develop a thinking habit or what is known as a thought addiction.

There is a way to stop the looping and shift your thoughts from negative to positive. But first of all you have to understand what is happening.

Definition of Thought Addiction

The importance of the concept of having an addiction to a thought has been increasing. Simply, thought addiction is when a thought or set of thoughts get stuck in your head and the thoughts begin to loop. As the thoughts loop, the person becomes more and more focused on them due to the negativity of the content. The person is then less able to detach from them. The longer these types of thoughts loop the stronger their power increases. It is very common for the person to feel as though he or she has lost control. Once out of control, the thought ends up consuming his or her energy and depletes the ability to fight them off and perform successfully. At that point the thought takes over his or her mental life and becomes addicting. These thoughts no longer are controllable and the person tends to act out in different ways to turn it off. Some people use methods to shut them down such as medicating it, fighting it or use a substance to avoid it. Many people with this condition state “I can’t get this thought out of my head and it is driving me crazy,” “I feel helpless and out of control”. What is so important to take away from the concept of addiction to a thought is not a mental disorder or a lack of self-control problem. Thought addiction is a skill deficiency.

Generally these types of thoughts are generated from negative core beliefs that have formed from his or her experiences or formed due to negative statements told to them about them from someone else. This thoughts that originate from embedded core beliefs are triggered by a present situation, and then surface into the conscious mind seemly out of nowhere. The most common example of this type of core belief that generates looping thoughts is “I am not good enough”. Cognitive therapists have long known and proven that a thought precedes an emotion and a behavior. But what is also true is that negative thoughts are the result of triggered negative core beliefs. Understand that “every addiction begins and ends with a thought”. 

Here are a few forms of thoughts which can result in chronic looping are:

·         Body image thoughts

·         Depressive thoughts

·         Doubt

·         Fear

·         Worry

·         Obsessive thoughts

·         Thoughts of lack of self-confidence

·         Thoughts of lack of worth 

·         Superstitious thoughts

·         Suicidal ideation

·         Weight thoughts

Take Away

So the important take away is these types of insidious thoughts can be stopped and balance can be restored.  Understand that the way to stop a possible addiction to a thought or unceasing looping is through gaining a new skill and practicing that skill. You do have the power to command and reset your thoughts. All you need to do is acquire the proper skills and have a willingness to consistently practice the skills to effect positive change. Find out from Thought Addiction Assessment if you may have one.


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