Saturday, November 14, 2015

Negative Thoughts Bother Me

"Why do negative thoughts enter my mind? Where do they come from?"

Well there are two routes that need to be considered. Negative thoughts are generally triggered unconsciously in course of your daily events by two different routes.  

Route #1 

The first route is when negative thoughts surface as the result of a current event stimulating a memory of a previous event that then releases a core belief formed at the same time from that event. For example: a core belief could be “I am not good enough”. 

Route #2 

The other route is when the current event stimulates the audio portion of the memory recorded and releases the audio file of the direct statement recorded in the brain, like “You will never be any good at anything”. 

Understand that both routes of delivery are mentally disempowering.  Either the beliefs or the statements seem to come of nowhere. You have no idea where they came from or why. Both may diminish in conscious awareness but will continue to influence you by running in the background of your mind. Both will also cause you to think negative and could turn into a thought addiction

There is some positiveness. The positive thing is it is possible to make a shift in both, and neutralize the influence either have on you. At that point they will no longer affects you. Transformation can occur quickly once you learn a skill that helps to shift or eliminate them such as the RRT 2.0 or the Blackboard Method.

Take Away

You do not have to accept that your negative thinking is just a way of life and there is nothing that can be done. When you learn more you find out that actually your thoughts originate from your embedded core belief system. So change your core beliefs (or change the Moon) to positive or motivating and you can then change your negative thoughts to positive ones.

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