Tuesday, August 25, 2015

6 Tips on How to Change a Negative Mindset

When you focus on  negative things that have happened to you in your past, you feel empty and negative. In doing so the negative thinking colors your mindset negative and can cause your mindset to become rigid. 

Meanwhile you lose time in the moment and the moment is all you really have. Not experiencing the moment causes you a lose of time you could be enjoying life.

Do you do this? You do not have to be influenced by negative things that have happened and how it has resulted in a negative mindset.

Want a new mindset? Start now by shift your mindset in the present. How?

5 Tips to Change your Mindset

Here are 5 tips that will help you to shift your mindset by divorcing yourself from the past situation therefore causing to view and feel everything negative. A negative mindset colors your attitude dark and keeps you ruminating about past situations.

Get start now in changing your mindset. Then follow the 5 tips below.

1.Think and identify what sentence or statement that has been influencing your mindset. Once you have discovered the sentence or statement, figure out the past situation in which you formed that sentence or statement from.

2. Determine if that sentence or statement has been a barrier to you achieving what you want (happiness or success) due how it has influenced your mindset and if you need to erase that sentence or statement from your mind. 
    How? Do it by closing your eyes and imagine  in your mind that there is a blackboard in front of you. You know like the ones we had in school. The board can be green or black. Most people will mentally see black.

3. Imagine that you are holding a bright white chalk in your writing hand. On the blackboard, write the sentence or statement on the blackboard. 

For example…”I cannot be what I want (happier, loved or successful) because of what happened to me in that situation and how it made me think negatively or bad about myself". 

4. Erase the sentence or statement out of your mind by grabbing the front of the “I” in the sentence or statement and push the whole sentence or statement off the blackboard to the right as far as you can until the sentence or statement is completely out of your inner visual sight and off your mental blackboard. By doing this you're erasing the sentence or statement off of your mental board completely.

5.  Once you're done erasing mentally, go back to the middle of the blackboard. Create and write a new positive sentence or statement on the board in the bright white chalk about you that you want. 

For example…“I can be what I want and live in my moment while rejecting any thought, feeling or situation that would pull me down or back into past negative memories".

6. Once you have completed that, place your full focus on the new sentence or statement and repeat it out loud to yourself with strong passionate feeling. Now read it again 3 more times in a row again with strong feeling.


Follow through on all 5 tips and see how easy it is to shift your mindset quickly. Regain your power. Believe you can create a new positive mental and emotional landscape in your mind therefore it will happen. Read your new statement out loud to yourself 4 times every day for 30 days and after 30 days it will be embedded in your mind.


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